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Microdosing is the act of consuming sub-perceptual – unnoticeable – amounts of a psychedelic substance. Many individuals who have integrated microdosing psilocybin into their weekly routine report higher levels of creativity, more energy, increased focus, and improved relational skills. Some enthusiasts also report that microdosing psilocybin helps to heighten spiritual awareness and enhance their senses. Numerous psychedelic researchers have also found positive effects of psilocybin on mood disorders and anxiety. Classic psychedelics such as LSD and psilocybin share a similar structure to serotonin, and work along a similar pathway. Microdosers saw improvements in negative moods, especially depression, and increases in positive moods. Increased energy, improved work effectiveness, and improved health habits were experienced by users. Many people found relief of symptoms of migraine headaches, pre-menstrual syndrome, traumatic brain injury, and various other conditions.

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