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The Lessons for Leveling Up

Wanna Play the Game of Life?

Here Are The Rules:

  1. You Will Receive A Body: You May Like It or Not, But It Will Be Yours For The Duration of The Game.

  2. You Will Learn Lessons: You Are Enrolled in a Full-Time Informal School Called Humanity. Each Day in This School You Will Have The Opportunity To Learn Lessons. You May Enjoy Some Lessons and Others You May Find Pointless or Stupid. All Are Crucial To Your Development.

  3. There Are No Mistakes, Only Lessons: Growth Is A Process of Trial & Era; Experimentation. The “Failed” Experiments Are As Important and As Much A Part of The Process As Those Experiments That “Worked”.

  4. A Lesson Is Repeated Until It Is Learned: A Lesson Will Be Presented To You In Various Forms Until You Have Learned It, Then You Can Move On To The Next Lesson.

  5. Learning Lessons Does Not End: There is No Part Of Life That Does Not Contain It’s Lessons, If You Are Alive, There Are Lessons To Be Learned.

  6. Others Are Mirrors Of YOU: You Cannot Love Or Hate Something About Another Person Unless It Reflects To You Something You Love Or Hate About Yourself.

  7. The Answers Lie Inside You: You Have All The Tools And Answers to Life's Questions Inside Of You, All You Need To Do Is Look, Listen and Trust.

  8. Your Spoken Word Is Your Most Powerful Tool: Speak What You Seek, Until You See What You’ve Said Manifest In Your Physical World.

Now That You Know The Rules, Have You Been Playing The Game Of Life To Win? Are You Stuck On the Same Level You’ve Been on For Years? Trying To Decide Which Door Leads To The Next Level? Leave A Comment 👇🏽 and Let’s Discuss The Level-Up ✨✨✨

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